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With over 25 years of experience in East Texas, A/C Contractors have been dedicated to performing superior quality air conditioning and heating repair and installation services. As a locally owned and operated company, we value the relationships with our customers and the community. We provide solutions for all of your indoor comfort problems. We offer straight forward pricing and all of our work is covered by our “fixed right or it’s free” guarantee! We are the air conditioning contractor that you can trust.

Our certified heating and cooling technicians use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and repair existing systems and always use the finest new equipment for installations in the industry. Furthermore, we have a patented Straight Forward Pricing Guide™ so you know what the price is before we do the work and you are never charged by the hour.

A/C Repair in Whitehouse, TX

Our professional air conditioning repair contractors are trained and qualified to perform a thorough assessment which can include a refrigerant check, a test for leaks, tightness of belts, motor issues, and any other possible issues that your air conditioner may be experiencing. If your air conditioning unit is beyond repair, our heating and cooling experts can provide you with a variety of options for a budget-friendly, energy-efficient new air conditioning system.

All of our repairs and new air conditioning installations come with peace of mind product guarantees for the product as well as the workmanship.

Air Humidifiers in Whitehouse, TX

The household appliance called the humidifier increases humidity levels or the moisture in particular rooms or the entire house in some cases. There are also variations called the point-of-use humidifiers commonly used in humidifying functions and the whole-house humidifiers that you can connect to your house’s HVAC system to produce the humidity needed for your entire house.

When selecting the best humidifier that you can use for your home, you should care to understand some needed requirements first before you set out in your search. Know that there many varieties of humidifiers readily available anywhere in the market these days, and picking up any unit randomly without giving it much thought would be a very bad move. Just like anything in this world governed by various factors that defined such, choosing a humidifier that would answer your needs requires going through considerations so you can have an informed decision in your hand.

Discover Why You Can Trust A/C Contractors for Your HVAC Repairs

  • If you’ve experienced poor HVAC service in the past, let A/C Contractors show you how heating and air conditioning service is meant to be. When you choose us, you won’t be stuck with unreliable employees or shoddy repairs; we are dedicated to providing our customers with superior customer service and the highest quality installation and repairs.
  • Fast, friendly, and professional service is a top priority for us. We care about our customers and make every effort to provide quality service that you can count on time and time again for your HVAC needs.
  • Satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed when you choose us for your heating and air conditioning service. What does that mean for you? Total peace of mind. Once you’ve taken steps to get all the recommended repairs, you can rest easy knowing that if there’s an issue in the next year, any additional repairs are on us. We want you to be confident we get it right the first time, or you won’t pay a cent.
  • When it comes to offering the best HVAC repairs, we don’t just employ anyone to work for us. We have an extensive hiring process and adhere to strict requirements, including background checks and routine drug tests, to ensure we only have qualified, professional technicians at your service.
  • We’re a full-service company that offers everything you could ask for. Need duct cleaning to improve the air quality in your home? Are you experiencing issues with your furnace malfunctioning? Maybe your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a heatwave. We offer all heating and air conditioning repairs in Whitehouse, TX. Let our skilled technicians keep your energy bills down and your systems at their best, so you can have a comfortable and healthy home that you deserve.
  • Free estimates and free second opinions are always available. Our premium team offers HVAC repairs that give you the advantage of better quality service. We’ll give you an initial quote or a second opinion at no added cost. Whether you need air conditioning repairs, A/C replacement, furnace replacement, heater repair, duct cleaning, or more, we’re the company you can trust.

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You don’t have to settle for inferior heating and air conditioning service; turn to A/C Contractors. We’re rated number one by Locals Love Us because our quality is the best. Call or Contact us today to find out more about how we can solve all of your HVAC concerns.

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