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Did you know that your home’s duct system can accumulate up to 40 pounds of dust and debris annually? Without regularly cleaning your ductwork these dust particles, pollutants, dander and other allergens are constantly circulated throughout your home, reducing the quality of your indoor air, causing negative health effects and decreasing the efficiency of your cooling and heating system.

At A/C Contractors, we offer complete air duct cleaning services using the highest quality tools, solutions and advanced technology available. Our team of air duct cleaning professionals is trained, certified and dedicated to always delivering a safe, comfortable result.

Why Should Longview Homeowners Have Their Air Ducts Cleaned?

You haven’t noticed debris buildup coating your furnishings or any negative health effects lately, so why should you consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned? With pollutants accumulating and being recirculated throughout your ductwork, you may not even realize the negative effects your dirty ductwork is causing like:

  • Increased Allergens: Dust, debris and pollen that’s often found within your ductwork can aggravate asthma and respiratory issues.
  • Difficulty Breathing: Polluted air is often more difficult to breathe, and your body must take more frequent, short breaths which can strain your lungs. With clean air, you can take deeper breaths and circulate more air to your lungs and heart.
  • Higher Energy Costs: Dirty ductwork reduces the efficiency of your heating and cooling system — your unit must work harder to circulate air throughout your home which adds strain to the hardware, often resulting in frequent repairs and higher monthly utility costs.

Want to know what really happens when A/C Contractors does a duct cleaning? Watch this video and see how the professionals do it.

Quality, Thorough Air Duct Cleaning Services With A/C Contractors

At A/C Contractors, we’ve developed the most efficient and effective duct cleaning services throughout the Longview and Tyler areas to ensure results for a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable home. For all of our air duct cleaning projects, we perform the following tasks:

  • We conduct a full inspection of your ductwork, checking for leaks, bad seals and other damage to your air ducts.
  • Using a powerful reverse vacuum at the air handler or one of your home’s main air ducts, we’ll collect all of the dust and debris buildups in your ductwork. We use the most effective vacuum available — with a 2,000 cubic foot per minute pull, we can completely clear any accumulated allergens.
  • Once the vacuum has collected all of the dirt buildups, we run sophisticated cameras throughout the ducts and look at the image on our laptops to ensure there are no issues. We then use a powerful rotating brush to loosen stuck debris and let our reverse vacuum collect the remains.
  • After the dirt is completely removed, we use a specialized sanitizing solution that’s nebulized into a thin mist to completely kill any leftover mold spores or other harmful elements.
  • We then clean all vent covers and apply a sealant around the opening of the vent to prevent unconditioned and polluted air from reentering your ducts and clogging the system.
  • Finally, we thoroughly clean the air return vent with the vacuum brush and pneumatic whip to prevent dirt from entering the filters and clean any debris buildup in the air handler.

Experience the A/C Contractors Difference

To ensure you have the most reliable, knowledgable and effective Longview air duct cleaning services, reach out to the trained and experienced professionals at A/C Contractors. We’re the only heating and cooling company throughout the Longview and Tyler, TX area that’s truly committed to providing you with exceptional comfort and a healthy indoor environment. We offer competitive pricing options, free service estimates and guaranteed workmanship.

Schedule air duct cleaning with Longview’s leading duct cleaning experts today — call us at 903-759-4250 to speak to a team member or fill out our online form.

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