Cyber Monday

Black Friday

Filter Give Away

Clean air this holiday season
for your family.

Stop by our office, meet our team and take free filters home.

Due to how many happy faces we had come through our office today and we still have hundreds of filters left – we are extending this offer through Cyber Monday. Come by our office on Monday at any time and pick up your filters.
ac filters

The response has been overwhelming, please tell us when you'd like to come on Friday to pick up your filter.


How many can I get?

You can get 2 standard
1 inch or 2 inch filters or 1 premium filter.

Are they really free?

All standard filters are free. Premium filters are free until our stock runs out.

Do I have to do anything special?

No, all you have to do is to come by our office.

Where & when to pick up your filters?

Cyber Monday
December 2nd
Between 8 am and 5 pm

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