Don’t Pay a Penny Until 2020!

Summer Air Conditioning Inventory to be Sold in 6 Weeks at up to

$5,300 Off!


Dear Friend,

As owner of AC Contractors, and as the self-proclaimed “Comfort King,” we offer you an astounding window of opportunity to…

  • Stay warm this winter while slashing utility bills!
  • Wave goodbye to repairs for your heating & air!
  • Cash in on manufacturer’s rebates and tax credits!
  • Don’t pay a penny in interest for 18 months!

What Do Air Conditioners and Swimsuits Have in Common?

Anytime a business relies on a change of seasons, whether it’s selling bathing suits or snow tires, their profit margin gets “hot” and goes “cold.” This describes the heating and cooling industry to a “T!” For us, peak hot and cold seasons mean two things:    

  1. Our sales and service staff bust their britches to keep up. And
  2. Demand is so high, we have no reason to discount equipment.

Here’s the Inside Story

As summer winds down, the heating and air conditioning business slows down to the point where my talented installation technicians are sitting around eating Cheetos and watching (appropriately enough) The Young and the Restless. It’s a little-known fact that some HVAC companies will lay people off during these slow times and hope they can rehire them when the business – and prices – pick up again. At AC Contractors, we value our skilled workers and their families far too much to pull the rug out from under them. I’d rather find creative ways to keep them working during the off-season.

How I Got This Great Deal Is A “Trade Secret.”

Because I want to keep my “Do It Right Guys” busy, I went to bat for them – and for you! I haggled with manufacturers in a stifling windowless room and nobody left until I got what I wanted: big discounts on top-name heating and cooling systems. No “seconds”, no “blems.” I wanted high-efficiency equipment at prices close to crazy!

I Broke Those Manufacturers Reps Like a Glow Stick, but It Worked!

This negotiation means customers of AC Contractors can get a Premium High efficiency heating and cooling system, expertly installed by my Do It Right Guys at prices you can brag about at the next barbecue. As temperatures cool over the next 6 weeks, and this summer inventory disappears, AC Contractors will be forced to return to normal pricing. But right now, I can award early buyers with a pre-season discount, thanks to this off-season price cut and my skilled negotiating tactics.

Check It Out: 8 Winning Strategies from “The Comfort King”,  AC Contractors:

  1. Call (903) 759-4250 for your FREE Energy Survey. No obligation. Our Do It Right Guy will tell you how much a new system can save you. We guarantee 20% in writing Seriously!
  2. You’ll get options to select a top-level heating & cooling system for comfort and reliability, including our OWN line, The Comfort King. Plus, we offer an available LIFETIME Compressor Warranty to back it up. Yes, this could be the last comfort system you have to buy! How great is THAT? Approved buyers can enjoy…
  3. No Interest Financing for 18 Months for qualified buyers or monthly payments as low as $75 per month with our special financing plan*.
  4. Up to $2,000 in Rebates from your utility provider. Currently, some utility companies are offering rebates up to $2,000 when you buy and install qualifying high-efficiency central air conditioning and heating systems.
  5. Cash in on a Federal Tax Credit up to $1,500– If you act before the end of the year.
  6. Factory Authorized Incentive of $500 off select High Efficiency heating and cooling systems.

AC Contractors, “The Comfort King”  Sweetens the Deal with 2 More Powerful Benefits:

  1. Be one of the first early season installations and we will throw in a FREE Premium Whole House Air Purification package (a $1,300 Value). A deal you cannot afford to pass up!
  2. If you need your air ducts cleaned, we will do it for HALF PRICE with this offer.

Add Up the Savings, Lie Down, and Put A Cold Rag On Your Forehead.

Premium System Savings $500.
Maximum Utility Rebate Savings $2,000.
Federal Tax Credit   $1,500.
Free Premium Air Purifier    $1,300.
TOTAL $5,300!!! PLUS, 50% off air duct cleaning!

Pick Up the Phone, and Don’t Pay A Penny Until 2020!

Call AC Contractors, “The Comfort King” at (903) 759-4250 for your No Obligation Energy Survey now. Our dedicated staff will be taking calls 7 days a week for this offer and our phones may be busy. Be patient, and know that we appreciate your call.

Yours in Comfort,

Troy Dassonville

The Comfort King / AC Contractors

This offer has expired

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