3 Ways Air Conditioning Tune-Ups Prevent Problems

Residential Cental Air Conditioning Unit

Let’s face it, sometimes home maintenance tasks are put off to save time or money. Unfortunately, putting off the air conditioning tune up can actually wind up costing much more time and money.

Although air conditioners are built tough enough to last for many years, there are things that can cause early breakdown. Neglecting the seasonal tune ups will surely mean you have to replace the equipment much sooner. You’ll also wind up with more repairs and poor efficiency. Here are three ways that air conditioning tune ups can prevent these problems.

Cleaning The Air Conditioner’s Condensation Drip Line

This is just one small task that an HVAC contractor performs during a seasonal A/C tune up which actually makes a big difference. Any machine that uses refrigerant to cool will produce condensation during operation. Think of how much humidity the refrigerator creates and you’ll understand that the air conditioner is no different. The condensation drip line is installed to route the moisture away as your air conditioner causes it.

The line runs either directly into the plumbing system or most often to the outdoors. This is a narrow tube that is supposed to only carry water through it. However, sometimes it can get clogged for one reason or another. Then the line backs up and results in an indoor leak.

If the condensation line gets clogged, the water will back up and drip all over the place underneath the air conditioner and at the connection of the drip line. Do you have waterproof flooring near your A/C unit? If not, it will get soaked and possibly ruined for good. If you don’t notice the leak for some time, it can create a mold problem.

These problems are expensive to remedy. Even if you call in for just water cleanup and mold remediation, it’s expensive. This is one big reason to have your air conditioning tune up done just before the warm season. Your equipment actually needs more attention than that to ensure the condensation line stays free and clear. But at a minimum, at least you’ll have the line cleared at some point.

Weakened, Dirty Air Conditioning Equipment

The air conditioning tune-up will involve adjusting and testing the machinery. The HVAC technician will perform a big list of tasks that ensure the cooling system is operating properly. Some of the tasks will involve cleaning certain parts of the system.

Leaving your air conditioner to work dirty will weaken the equipment. Weak parts lead to total air conditioning failure and eventually an early replacement. Having your air conditioning equipment tuned up yearly will help you to avoid these expensive problems.

Air Conditioning Tune-Ups For Energy Savings

Nobody should have to pay an electric bill that’s higher than it should be just because a machine isn’t functioning properly. A tuned-up air conditioner will always operate much more efficiently than a neglected one.

The equipment you purchased is supposed to work at a certain efficiency level, but it will not be able to if it doesn’t stay maintained. A seasonal A/C tune-up will help the machine to function more efficiently.

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