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Am I Crazy?

I’m offering my $189 Air Conditioning Super Tune-Up for only $79… AND if I make any repairs, I guarantee your system won’t break down this Summer or my service is FREE!

I must be crazy! When the temperature rises, I can get pretty busy. So, why am I offering such a drastic discount on my Super-Tune-Ups? It’s very simple. I want you as a client for life! So, call this my INVESTMENT IN YOU! I know that I run the tightest service company in the business belong to a National Organization of highly motivated and technically competent heating & air conditioning contractors. We are professionally and continually trained in the skills of service, repair and system replacement.

I am serious about my profession; proud of my entire staff and completely dedicated to each and every one of my clients…. new and old. Now, how am I going to prove all this to you if I can’t get your attention? Right! I’ll make you a spectacular offer you can’t refuse and win you as a new client for life.

Back to my offer.

My Super-Tune-Up includes a painstaking and thorough examination of more than 50 potential problem areas in your air conditioning system. I will inspect, adjust, clean and detail any repairs to be made. When I have finished and if anything was repaired, I will present you with a written guarantee that your system is FIXED RIGHT OR IT’S FREE!™

And, if I have to come back during this season after repairs are made because your system is not working, my service is FREE!  

This is a $189 value for only $79 and it’s limited to first-come, first served.


Troy Dassonville


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